An Introduction To Blue Ray Technology

Blue Ray technology refers to the latest era of technology that is causing ripples in the DVD world. This of course does mean that rather than get left behind it is certainly is necessary to find out more about what this new technology is all about so that you can also sample it ahead of others that are still in the dark about this new technology. The first thing that can be said about Blue Ray technology is that it is certainly a boon that will certainly pave the way for better and more efficient data storage in the years to come.

Blue Colored Lasers

Blue Ray technology is the culmination of many years of research and the reason why the term ‘Blue Ray’ is used is because in order to read as well as store data use is made of lasers that are blue in color which is different to the more normal red color lasers that are presently being used in DVDs.

Another notable advantage that Blue Ray technology offers the customer is that it provides higher definition audio and video storage and this means that thanks to this technology it is possible to store higher amounts of data than is possible with the other current DVD technologies.

Companies like Apple, Sony and Panasonic as well as HP are driving Blue Ray technology – mainly because this kind of technology is considered a blessing for them as they can now introduce better products into the market. As already mentioned any disc that can handle Blue Ray technology will provide superior definition of audio and video which then translates into the buyer getting to enjoy a vastly superior audio and video experience.

It is believed that Blue Ray technology will also have a major impact on movie theater business because the quality of image and sound produced by this technology is so good that it can put the movie theaters under big threat as people will get the same, if not better, experience in the comforts of their homes. So, not many people will want to go to a movie theater when they can get the same thrills at home.

A blue ray disc that comprises a single layer can easily store up to about twenty-five Gigabytes of data while the double layered disc can store double the amount of data stored on a single layered disc. With further refinements and advances in Blue Ray technology it is believed that this storage will shoot up to astronomical heights. So, if you walk into a store that is selling blue ray discs and players make sure to consider buying one of them so as to enjoy the best of what current technology has to offer.

Even though Blue Ray disc technology is relatively new there are more than one hundred and seventy of the world’s best electronic companies that are using this latest technology. Even the major movie studios are lending their support to this technology which can be seen from the fact that now you can get movies in Blue Ray format from some of the major studios such as Warner and Fox as too Paramount, Sony, Disney and MGM.