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Cloud Computing With SUNDE Technology

Cloud computing isn’t a nave proposition nowadays. Cloud offers its users mere benefits and helps extend many applications for the growth of their businesses providing agility, scalability and reliability thus aiding the growing demands of the IT firms. They slash unnecessary costs on hardware and software thereby increasing their dynamics in the IT market. SUNDE technology offers immense and powerful solutions for SMBs with virtualization techniques which lowers the cost and provides data security and integrity.

Cloud computing is based on server virtualization whereas SUNDE technology offers desktop virtualization. It is fruitful and vivid to combine them both and produce stream-lined results in a firm. Virtual desktops and their applications can be run and controlled by the cloud in a company’s computing implementation. The traditional way is that PCs were connected to the servers in the cloud through the cloud interface software so that anyone can access from anywhere in the firm through the server virtualization. Using SUNDE, desktop virtualization aids in connecting virtual desktops to physical servers connected to the cloud and anyone can access the applications by simply connecting to a web browser.

SUNDE provides H4 as endpoint device which tailor-fits to specific cloud platforms. With the use of RDP for communication, SUNDE H4 Zero client gives direct access to windows desktops by simply requiring the IP address of the RDSH (provided user account and password) without any additional support. User cloud desktops can either be web based or full desktop sessions of windows and supporting RDP communication. H4 has a profile setup menu and settings that include default URL, resolution, colors, monitor power save, device power sleep and kiosk mode checkbox. Some successful platforms with H4 zero clients include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Microsoft Cloud. SUNDE also uses Diana as endpoint device utilizing on-premise server to link to the cloud. These primarily run virtual machines from SUNDE VDI system on a local server. The VMs provide full benefits of a native windows desktop. Users can run cloud desktops through a web browser. Web based users need occasional access to a windows desktop or specific windows based applications and they may still be able to work within native SUNDE VDI system.

Thus SUNDE technology allows users to create virtual desktops in their firms which are connected to the servers in the cloud thus increasing the flexibility and usage of resources, high availability and reliability. SUNDE provided cloud desktops have the capability of a true Windows desktop indulging to run multiple applications which can be accessed from any location by anyone at anytime. Also SUNDE technology affirms to deliver cost effective cloud solutions that increases performance and productivity of the corporate.

Importance Of Satellite Communication Technology

With the changing ways of the procedures of business, the demand of high-end technology has also emerged. And this is the sole reason, the technology has evolved in itself in such an advanced way that the emergence of business development has raised the invention of Satellite Communication.

Satellite Communication is one of the most important and very useful technology that has been developed, which has made the communication more stronger than ever before. The importance of Satellite Communication is so relevant with the needs that arise presently that it makes things to go quite easier without wasting any time. The benefits of the Satellite Communication can be seen as below:

Satellite Communication is mainly used for the commercial purposes like the voice services, the data transfer services, etc. Satellite Communication is thus mainly helpful for the business purposes.

Satellite Communication makes it possible for the business & its employees to access the corporate resources, sending emails, browse internet even while being able to communicate through a very high quality voice compression quality without considering the location across the globe.

Due to this, the cost factor also gets lightened, as the costs that are involved in the services that one can get through Satellite Communication are very low. The calls that can be made through the services that Satellite Communication offers are the local calls due to which the local call rates are applicable.

Not just the cost, but also the quality calls can be made, though considering the location. This is the best feature of Satellite Communication, which makes it very clear as well as very helpful for the business people to keep their services the best amongst their competitors.

Broadband is used to use Satellite Communication technology, due to which not just the speed, but also the quality of the services is the best.

Satellite Communication is mainly helpful during the times of natural disasters, as during such times, when all the other communication modes fail, the communication can be made possible due to Satellite Communication technology. With this, the natural disasters can also be assisted with help, when needed the most.

Satellite Communication is not just used for the commercial purposes, but also for the domestic as well as private purposes nowadays. Also, for the people who work from home can use this technology so that they work with the international clients without facing any quality problems and can run their business successfully.

With the development of the Satellite Communication technology, not just the telephonic services, but also the usage of internet has been assisted very successfully. With this, the economic development has also taken place very drastically across the globe, as people come to know more about different technologies because of which the commercial development also takes place.

The Satellite Communication technology has made the commercial, domestic, international as well as the other activities comparitively quite easier, due to which better ways are also been discovered as to in what better ways this technology of Satellite Communication can be used. With this technology, the long distance business has been evolved very successfully and is one of the very important income sources for many countries across the globe.

Door Lock Technology Throughout The Years

The safety and security of our household is always the very first thing that we look into. Our concern to secure things stretches even to our properties and possessions. We go through all the measures and keep them away from danger. We look for a relatively safe place to stay in and even go to the extent of travelling around until we feel that we found it. We put up child proof devices and security systems just in case. The door lock is the most simple and yet successful security device ever made.

The earliest technique of sealing a door was to make use of a rope. The thief knot got it’s name because it was applied to discover thieves and the Gordian knot was used to discourage them. Even to this very day the first thing we do in order to secure a door would likely be to tie a rope to it. History is sketchy as to when the lock started. However there are a few evidences that the Egyptians, Greek and the Romans used wooden locks and keys some 4,000 yrs ago. The first known door lock with a key is termed as a pin lock or pin tumbler lock. This is also the most traditionally used lock. The old pin tumbler lock was made of wood and rope and to this day this particular wooden lock mechanism is still being used in Puerto Rico.

To increase the security standard of the old design of the pin lock the inclination of the pins had to be changed and the number of pins is increased. The development that was made to the ancient design became the established principles of pin locks in the present. Another development came for the pin lock; the wooden pins with bronze or iron. This new design was then patented in 1805. A father and son locksmith, Linus Yale Sr and Jr, enhanced and refined the patented metal pin lock design The pin lock which people see today is the design that the Yale’s produced. Wafer tumbler locks are yet another sort of door lock. Wafer locks are generally used in automobile doors and cabinets. Yet another commonly used type of lock is the lever lock. These locks are popularly used in safes and prisons.

There are also mechanical and electromechanical locks. Currently there are multiple variants of the different varieties of locks. Panic bars, lock sets, lock boxes, deadbolts, mortise and bump-proof locks are only a few examples of these variations. Presently any of these variation types may be found in buildings and houses. With todays technology used in lock for the doors we have state of the art security features. Emergency exits doors are installed with one of these safety measures usually alarmed panic bars. This is also already being used in our car door alarms.

With the continued innovations of our inventors we know for sure that the door lock technology that we currently have will still be improved allowing us to sleep better knowing that we are safe and secure in our homes. We should all remember that.

Technology Is Overrated

The newest and greatest technology is what everyone always wants to use. Spending too much time searching for the best technology wastes valuable time because the technology your using in your campaigns is not as important as you may think it is.

This likely is a shock to you but technology truly is very overrated in the online marketing world.

The process used in your advertising campaign is far more important than the technology that you are using. Technology can give you a boost but it cannot replace the importance of having a good process to run a successful campaign. A good process will beat a bad process with newer technology any day in an ad campaign.

For example, lets look at a common way that two advertising campaigns competing against each other will play out based on how they run their campaigns. One company running a campaign is called Red and the company competing with them who is also running an ad campaign is Blue.

Red spends the majority of their money on experienced campaign managers to help target their ads and reach as many potential customers as possible in their target market. Blue spends the majority of their money on the latest and greatest technology and does not worry as much about the order and structure of their actual campaign.

Red conducts a very successful campaign that reaches their target market and helps bring them more business than before. Blue collects lots of data from their campaign and displays the most high tech ads but their campaign is not as successful as Reds campaign. The reason Blue is not as successful is because they did not focus on the processes going into their campaign. No amount of technology can master the work that experienced advertisers have been doing for years.

Think of all of the new technology that is released into the online advertising world every year. Now think about how many advertisers there are on the internet and how many of them are actually using the newest technology to advertise. The best advertisers are the ones who have figured out the system and can reach the people that they need to reach in methods that they have been mastering for years.

The management systems that your company uses are more important than the technology your company is using. Going by definition, you can actually classify the systems that your company uses as technology. Your marketing teams and systems that are operating based on experience and technique will benefit you far more than a new ad tool on your computer will when running a campaign.

Each aspect of your campaign is very important and nothing should be skipped over. You never know how much a small detail in your campaign can mean to the success of your campaign because one minor thing may bring you the few extra, high quality customers that you need to be able to consider your campaign a success.

A contract management system should be established and used by every company running an advertising campaign. The system should ensure that all information and details of an internet campaign are entered correctly so that the campaign focuses, targets and reaches the appropriate audience for the company doing the advertising.

You may be thinking that all of these systems and methods that must be used to make your campaign perform as well as possible are a waste of time and not worth the effort. You would rather just find the latest and greatest technology to run your ad campaign for you and save you the hassle of having to perfect every little detail of your campaign. There are many companies that feel this way and run campaigns based on this belief. Some are successful at doing it but most are not. Even the ones that are successful are still wasting their money by running campaigns that are not performing as well as they could be.

If you still are not sure if it is worth spending more time on your processes than you do on your technology, you should make your decision based on personal experience. First, run a campaign and make your number one focus the type of technology that you use. Then run another campaign and focus on your processes instead of the technology that you are using. Compare and analyze the results of both campaigns. I can guarantee the technology based campaigns results will not compare with your process focused campaign.

Exporting Technology To Africa To Save Lives

A chance phone call from the Clinton Foundation in Mozambique has changed ours and their lives dramatically. It shows the power of creating appropriate and well constructed websites describing a companys services and products.

What was the problem and then the solution:

Delayed test results have often meant that HIV patients in Mozambique have failed to get timely treatment, particularly for preventing Mother to Child transfer (MTCT) of HIV on birth. However, having introduced and developed our new SMS printer technology with the Clinton Foundation and the Mozambique Ministry of Health the need to send tests to far away laboratories has reduced and has dramatically speeded up test results and HIV treatment for Mothers, Mothers-to-be and their newly born. After a successful 2009 pilot Mozambique has nationally rolled out our SMS printer technology and gateway, with Clinton Foundations help. This GSM network based printer and gateway technology transmits the results of mother and infant HIV tests electronically from two central reference laboratories in Maputo and the northern provincial capital, Nampula, to more than 275 health centres across the country. Previously, test samples and results took, on average, three weeks and up to several months to be transported to and from clinics via various means in remote parts of the country.

How did Sequoia and Clinton Foundation meet?

Because of this serious delay in test results the Clinton Foundation in Mozambique looked around for a technology based solution. They ended up contacting us in Reading having seen our website and enquired about using our SMS printer technology for sending health test data over the GSM network to speed up the time taken. After hearing what the program was about and the disastrous pass through rate from Mother to child for HIV we, at Sequoia, could only say yes to help with the program. Two years of concentrated work with the Clinton Foundation on the hardware and the required gateway software produced a successful pilot program. Subsequent research conducted by the Ministry of Health of Mozambique and the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), after our SMS printer technology and gateway had been installed, showed that the time it took for clinics to receive test results from reference labs had dropped from an average of about three weeks to about three days after the printers were introduced. Research presented by the Ministry of Health and CHAI at the International AIDS Conference 2010 in Vienna, Austria, showed that this, in turn, reduced the time it took to start infants (and /or mothers to be) on antiretroviral (ARV) treatment by about 4 months. This is now part of the national prevention of mother-to-child (PMTCT) HIV transmission service within Mozambique. The number of infants starting treatment also increased by 60 percent.

How the SMS printer technology and gateway works:

Clinics across the country collect dried blood spot samples from infants and / or mothers to be and transport them to the nearest reference lab, where lab technicians conduct the HIV tests. Results are entered into the SMS printer database at the reference lab and then uploaded onto the Sequoia Technology online server (in Reading UK). The Sequoia gateway then uses the local MCEL GSM phone network to transmit results back to the appropriate clinic. Each clinic has a small thermal paper, GPRS enabled printer that receives the patient test data and prints out the HIV test results alongside a patient identification number. With interruptions in electricity and wireless network signal, the system has been designed to ensure 100 of the data is received by the appropriate printer completely intact – if printers are offline, results are safeguarded in an online gateway queue until the printer is available. The Sequoia Technology gateway shows the status of every printer whether on or not and the number of messages sent or in a queue waiting to be printed. The printer’s small size also makes storage easy in space-constrained clinics, which must also ensure that the printer is kept in a secure room to guarantee patient confidentiality.

Greater efficiency The introduction of SMS printers to clinics has not only meant that babies who test HIV-positive can be started on ARVs sooner – a potentially life-saving intervention – but has also reduced the numbers of new mothers who disappear from the clinics PMTCT program during the, previously, long wait times or after having spent time and money on multiple clinic visits to check for results. According to Mozambiques 2010 report to the UN General Assembly Special Session on HIV/AIDS (UNGASS), about 30 percent of babies born to HIV-positive mothers contract the virus, but only about 14 percent of these babies are tested for HIV before the age of 18 months. Without treatment one-third of HIV-positive babies will die in their first year of life, and almost half by the age of two. With our SMS printer technology in place now the clinics are being able to get to and test mothers-to-be ?for HIV and be able to prescribe AVR drugs in enough time to reduce the likelihood of mother to child transfer of HIV. Additionally further testing after childbirth can check the mothers viral load to ensure the right drugs are given when the mother is breastfeeding an additional way of MTCT of HIV. With our technology in place now, throughout Mozambique, the 30-40 or less if the pre and post birth testing and drug application takes place.

Our SMS printer technology and gateway is then a fast and accurate way of transmitting confidential health data to any remote location but crucially can be used for any disease Malaria, TB, HIV in fact anything that needs to be diagnosed in a lab. This technology forms a low cost and serious platform for countries to transmit diagnostic information quickly and accurately. Additionally, the gateway consolidates all information and therefore gives statistical data about disease spread and location and the quality of the health care across a complete country. Sequoia engineers took 2 years to perfect the gateway software with CHAI and MCEL to produce 100 full data quality and with printer / server buffering and handshaking to ensure the quality of data. Extensive testing took place in pilot phase of this project. Any authorized person can log on to the website and retrieve the full data and visual map of where each printer is and the stats of how many messages have been sent / received / pending at each location.

Partnership – We continue to develop more capable GPRS enabled printers and are now working with CHAI in Kenya for potentially deploying a similar system in other African countries for the same health diagnostic transmission platform. Our association with the Clinton team in Mozambique continues and has become more of a partnership and further roll outs are planned as a result of the success so far.

Progress Of Feed Technology

Grinding the feed production processes in one of the important processes, grinding feed cost involved in operating (power consumption, wearing parts), weight loss (water and dust , mixed, particle mass term poultry feed production performance of fish and livestock health (ulcers) (KeithC.Behnke, 1999), improved operating environment (dust, noise . Therefore, the feed to improve feed grinding technology to improve production efficiency, feed quality and reduce production costs has important economic significance, but also many studies staff have been exploring the subject. research content crushing efficiency, and reasonable process of crushing, mill structures, mechanical and electrical consumption crush, mill convenience of operation, grinding grain size and uniformity, vulnerable parts of the wear nature mill noise control, automatic control of grinder on product quality and production performance of poultry and other fish. In this paper, feed grinding technology in the development of a comprehensive analysis, in order to feed grinding technology to better service for the feed production .

1 mill of the type and structure of this mill

Mill and mill the different types of structural changes, the effect of crushing large. According to size of crushing can be divided into general mill, micro mill, grinder; the structure can be divided according to mill off with hammer, hammer strength, on the roll, and tooth claw. Livestock and poultry feed commonly used in general ordinary roller Hammer Mill or grinder, young animals, fish feed can use an ordinary micro-mill, drop type hammer mill, jaw crusher, and special aquatic feed and aquatic openings need to adopt feed mill, and some even need to use colloid mill feed to achieve the required opening size requirements.

1. l Common Feed Hammer Mill is the industrial production of the most widely used. The principle is to crush the impact of non-bearing type crushed in crushing process, the hammer and the material impact of the collision mostly eccentric, so that material in the grinding room of a rotation, will be part of the energy consumption, which is consumed Hammer Mill One of the important reasons can be high. The same time, Hammer Mill for crushing chamber and the material by the impact of the role of high-speed hammer and materials away from. Power will be close to the screen surface under the formation of circular motion, resulting in circulation layer of material in the outer layer of large particles, small particles in the inner layer of material, after grinding to small particle size required can not be promptly discharged from the sieve normal, there has been material repeated impact with the hammer, the formation of excessive material crushing, grinding power consumption to increase, powder temperature, the moisture of materials formed within the water vapor, water vapor and the fine powder will adhere to sieve, sieve more serious blockage hole, smashing down efficiency, especially in the fine grinding of materials, the circulation of the grinding efficiency is more serious. To improve the efficiency of Hammer Mill, we must destroy the circulation generated during milling.

1.2 drop type mill is a researcher for the common structural features of Hammer Mill, grinding chamber will drop from the round into shape, then it increases the effective screen sieve crush room management area, but also damage the formation of circulation in the crushing chamber material is conducive to discharge after crushing crush room, crushing efficiency by 15%. In addition there is the main water drop mill grinding chamber and re-crushing chamber, the material can be formed in the interior of secondary crushing blow, the same mill can achieve rough. Fine, fine form three kinds of crushing, grinding the material after an average particle size of 100 ~ 500 m. Fish for animal adaptation granularity of the different requirements of materials, comprehensive application of feed mill grinding mill has a unique water drop edge.

1.3 vertical mill is a hammer mill, grinding process can be divided into pre-crushing and grinding two main regions, characterized by a 360 ring sieve, as well as the bottom of the sieve plate, sieve management area, contribute to fast after crushing nesting, and because of the gravity of materials, environmental screening of the vertical screen surface less adhesive material, sieve through capability; mill rotor plate to ensure the bottom screen interest effective use, and produce a certain pressure, to promote the rapid discharge after crushing, which effectively improved the ability to smash off the screen room, no need to set the row compound independent suction system, while eliminating the need for investment in equipment suction system also solved the long-troubled plant due to suction feed system failures crushing inefficiencies, and reducing material lost in crush of moisture. Grinding mill production efficiency and a higher degree of increased particle size after crushing even less potential powder, crushing power consumption can save 25%. Vertical-type Hammer Mill is suitable for coarse grinding and secondary feed crushing process Road smash before, but not for fine grinding of materials.

1.4 is supported on the roll mill crushing. The main function of the material crushed by a pair of roll shearing, and extrusion production, the role of external forces for the materials most crushing, crushing more efficient materials, greatly reducing the energy consumption of crushed (no rotation of materials, over- crush, the material temperature is small), it was introduced, Roskamp roll mill and the traditional system Hammer Mill compared to more than 60% energy saving.

Healthcare Technology Innovations In The Field Of Medical Transcription

Healthcare relies heavily on the field of technology. Majority of the systems that it uses to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency requires the use of the different technological advancements that are available to the medical field. Medical transcription, for one, is highly reliant on various transcription technologies and applications that the field uses to make the overall transcription process simpler and speedier. As a matter of fact, there is no chance that medical transcription may have reached the level that it is in now without the aid of these advancements.

For sure, the use of various medical technology systems has made it possible to take down patient information and history much faster. Since the various pieces of information will be dictated instead of written down, the speed in which patients may be admitted in hospitals is now much faster. This means that people would now be able to get the medical help that they need without having to wait in long lines and through arduous admission processes. Thanks to the various innovations in the field of medical transcription technology, hospitals and other medical institutions are now able to provide speedier and altogether better care for their patients.

Medical transcription systems also make the process of archiving patients information much easier, for hospitals now no longer have to waste time in converting hard copies to computer files. Voice recognition and detection technologies are now being used to produce medical documents without ever needing actual paper and ink. Hospital staff may now be able to get the information that they need without having to search through file after file of documents and papers. Granted that an efficient archiving system is in place, patient information may now be retrieved with just a few clicks.

Medical transcription systems have also provided medical institutions with more secure means to store patient information. Unlike hard copies, digital copies may be kept in more than one location. This means that hospitals are able to back up as much information as they need without having to deal with physical clutter. Various transcription security applications have also been developed to ensure that documents that are obtained from transcription programs are kept in safer venues. Thanks to the various innovations in the field of medical transcription technology, medical information is now obtained and stored in a more secure manner.

People often make the mistake of thinking that the field of medical transcription plays a small, almost negligible, role in healthcare. Truth be told, this is not necessarily the case, as practically every single process involved in giving patients the appropriate help that they need has to do with this aspect of medicine. No medical procedure or process would be accomplished effectively without the help of medical transcription and the various technological systems that make it possible. With the various innovations in the technological field come different improvements in the field of medical transcription technology. This extends to the field of medicine as well, in many aspects, from the simple act of taking patient information to ensuring that patients undergo the right medical processes.