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How Older People Can Embrace Technology And Improve Their Lives

Technology is normally associated with the young and the trendy. Cell phone and computer companies market the gaming and music abilities of their phones and computers. The phones come in fashionable colors with hip ringtones and flashy features.

Older people are seldom interested in all this, but the basics of technology, without all the extras, can come in very handy for older people. The elderly of today didn’t grow up in a time where technology was as essential as it is today. They are scared to experiment and use technological devices such as computers and cell phones. That said, there are many elderly people who are quite competent in using their cell phones and computers but they are in the minority.

Technology can add to the comfort of the elderly and it can allow them to stay independent for much longer. The explosion in the technological device market has been phenomenal. If you can think of something to make your life easier and more comfortable, you are almost certain to find it.

While many of these devices might be unaffordable to a lot of elderly people, a basic computer and cell phone is within reach of many elderly peoples budget.

A cell phone is a wonderful device that allows older people to stay in contact. There are cell phones on the market with bigger buttons and screens that make it easier to use. Sending text messages is a daily occurrence in almost everybody’s life. Staying in contact with loved ones and family or friends is very important in older peoples lives. Receiving a message from a loved one can brighten up a lonely persons day.

The advantages of computer technology to the elderly are more important than what most people realize. What is there that you cant do over the internet? Elderly people can be in control of their own finances by using the internet banking services. For someone who finds it difficult to walk or stand in queues, internet banking is a wonderful tool. The elderly person wont have to rely on others to get to the bank and they wont have to go through all the distress of actually visiting the bank. It wont only have an impact on the elderly persons life, but also on those responsible for driving them around and assisting them in these tasks. Many online shops provide an online grocery ordering and delivery facility as well.

Independence is the one aspect in the life of the elderly that should be nurtured and technology can do that.

Biometric Face Detection System Face Detection Is A Reliable Technology

Face detection is emerging as the most successful biometric application in use. However, controversies also revolve around the security solution. There have been incidents of biometric face detection systems, not been able to identify correct faces. Not-so-often failures of the device to perform gave rise to debates. Reliability of the technology is under question. Many organizations protest against the use of face detection as a means of defense. But, facial recognition is a trustworthy safety measure!

A biometric face detection system works on measuring the unchangeable features of the face. The distance between the two eyes, the thickness of lips, shape of the cheek bone and other facial characteristics remain constant throughout life. Face detection involves enrollment of a specific face into the database, based on the algorithm of the face. Next time, the same face appears before the system, it is recognized after comparison with other faces in the database. Modern facial recognition software employ 3D image for higher accuracy.

There is nothing perfect in the world. Complete protection does not exist! Just like everything else, a face detection machine is prone to errors. A biometric face detection system can fail in two ways; either it identifies unfamiliar faces as genuine (false positives) or it denies identification of genuine faces (false negatives). Accurate face detection may be affected with lighting conditions, expressions on the face and further external factors. Possibility of false negatives and false positives cannot be ruled out.

Still, this application can be considered competitive than the conventional security solutions. Professors of computer science and technology believe that face detection ensures security to a large extent. An old saying in security circles, “There is no such thing as a 100 percent shield”, justifies the argument. A biometric face detection system can hinder undesirable elements most of the time. Manufacturers claim that this mechanism is nine times accurate out of ten. Face detection is yet a new technology. There is a lot of scope for its improvement in coming years.

Face detection is in demand! Casinos may use a biometric face detection system to control cheaters, individuals with debt, criminals and troublesome players. Schools may set up a face detection machine for attendance and access control. Face detection may also be used in hospitals, offices, highly-secured government premises. Its utilization is increasing in airports. Being easy target for terrorists, airport authorities all over the world are resorting to this biometric security device for enhanced security. Despite opposition from civil liberties group, its acceptance is rising.

Computerized face detection has many success stories to its credit. Face detection system lead to around 500 arrests and nearly as much positive identification that didn’t result in arrests in Pinella, USA. Biometric face detection system has become a part of everyday work in the police department. Cops were able to identify football hooligan ringleaders in crowds at West Ham games with the help of face detection software. Government officials believe that the September 11 attacks could have been prevented, if biometric face detection system were used in airports.

The Secret To Using Brainwave Entrainment Technology To Improve Mind Power

The mind is a powerful tool that if well natured and stimulated it can help one improve their self in many ways like health and even psychological. The brain is made up of very many parts called neurons that transmit electricity as their way of communication between each other. This means that there is some electricity power generated in the mind and it’s measured in wave lengths. The brainwaves found in the mind differ in frequency and they all transmit different messages to the body. The brainwaves can be triggered to improve mind power. There are brainwave entrainment technologies that can be used to trigger the brainwaves and optimize the brain’s performance and health.

Brainwave entrainment is a technology that is designed to synchronize the brainwaves by use of auditory subsonic engineered waves to synchronize the brainwaves to a desired frequency that will provide an optimum wave length for a better mind state. It is a new technology that has not yet become common or a household name but has been tested and verified to provide good results. This technology is based on findings made by scientists that in the cortical part of the brain, there is a mechanism that is uses the neurons in the brain to transmit electromagnetic waves that can be easily picked by sensitive EEG equipment. There are about four main types of brainwaves namely; Alpha which is in the frequency of 8Hz – 12 Hz, Beta which is in the frequency of 15 Hz – 38 Hz, Delta with a frequency of between 0.2 Hz – 3Hz and finally Theta with frequencies ranging between 3Hz – 8Hz. What has been discovered is that when the frequencies are at certain specific levels the brains functions much better than when in normal conditions? Different capabilities are attained of course at different levels for instance at lower frequencies the ability of the brain to retain information is heightened. These brainwaves are however active and utilized at only certain times like when about to sleep or when in deep sleep. However, the technology of Brainwave entrainment gives a person the chance to harvest these brainwave powers at anytime they wish to.

So, this is how brainwave entrainment is used to improve mind power and give the person a chance to have optimum brain function and performance as desired and when desired. This technology comes in handy to people who need to attain that extra brain capacity to perform certain tasks such as exams and other tests or even enhance growth of certain hormones. This practice however is required to be used or performed by only professionals who have studied it and know how to utilize it for good. This is because if done in the wrong way the patient can develop certain undesired conditions that may be a problem to them. The brain is a sensitive part of the body and what is entered and left to manifest in it translates to actions of the human body. So it is highly recommended one watches what they feed the brain to keep it healthy and strong.

Led High-power Street Lamp Technology

LED street lamps to large-scale application, the general notion that still needs some time,. but I really think that LED lights technology matured. Welcome to correct me.

To say LED street lamps (which is actually all LED lighting) is not reason for large-scale application are the following three:

  1. LED street lamps light efficiency has not yet reached to the level of sodium
  2.  the life of LED street lamps
  3.  LED street lamps photometric is not ideal.

Talked about LED street lamps, many people will pointed out that LED of display color index LED controller than sodium of display color index high many, and can reduced LED street lamps of as of standard, appeal separate for LED street lamps amendment standard, actually, from macro Shang see sent hope Yu amendment standard is does not reality of, and I think existing of road lighting standard no may also no necessary amendment. to makes LED replaced other light became reality, on only by LED lighting area of people themselves efforts has.

Luminous efficiency problems:
First, sodium of light effect does is high, I see some better of sodium products units power lumens number are in 110 above, and currently do of good of LED also on in 90Lm/W around, also no energy saving. but, if comparison lamps of efficiency, conclusions on does not as has. because general light are is 360 of Omni-directional uniform glow, and LED glow has directional, usually is 180 of within, so difference, Street light is not the same. made of sodium lamp or conventional light Street lamp lamps light efficiency is typically around 60%, LED street lamps can more easily reach 90%. According to the weighted, effective light for the 66Lm/W sodium street lamps and LED Street lamp light can effectively reach 80Lm/W.

Second, since it is a street lamp, is of course the only fall on pavement of light is needed, that will further see the flux on the road, to minimum national standards H=Weff, for example, better utilization coefficient of sodium lamps of 0.3,[url=]LED controller [/url] if LED utilization coefficient of 0.8, then to the current level of LED luminous efficiency, A 110W of LED street lamps on full can replaced 250W of sodium has, if considered to actual engineering cost, factors, usually in accordance with H=1.2Weff to design words, to 100W of LED street lamps replaced 250W of sodium is at this stage on can implementation of. to reached 60% so of energy saving level has has enough of energy saving effect has. to reached 0.8 of using coefficient, this is see LED street lamps design personnel distribution light of Foundation, actually is also does not difficult.

Life issues

If was told you, they of LED lamps of life has 100,000 hours or 50,000 hours, and 30,000 hours, you and to hear is not to believe, but remember asked asked how are of, if said is known of, that you heard had even has, if told you is measured of, must then asked about is to how many hours data for Foundation of, because now certainly no anyone for had to million hours for meter of test, because this impossible, future also does not has foolish for so of test, Because it’s not needed. 1000 hours of data will tell you, you don’t count, because a lot of LED tube luminous efficiency is increased in 1000 hours. LED controllers and of course, when you tube as well. Now international passage of life test time is 1000 + 5,000 hours test, yiqian 1000 hours for stability time, Hou 5,000 hours data for calculation life of pursuant to, over 5,000 hours life in accordance with 5,000 hours within of intended-in curve outside push calculation. we actual test of 1+5 thousand hours of light failure for 2.2%, and is linear of, if considered some allowance, we will products standard will for 5,000 hours light failure for 2.5%, so outside push 50% light effect of life will is 100,000 hours, 70% Photosynthetic efficiency of life expectancy of 60,000 hours.

But, regardless of is in accordance with 50% also is 70% calculation life are is does not important of, actually most science of is for many national by used of method is maintained as of does not below standard provides of maintained as of of life for quasi. such as GB provides fast road of maintained average as of for 20Lx, if early loaded street lamps of average as of for 30Lx, is should to 66% light effect calculation life, so calculation of life is is 66,000 hours. LED controller if plus midnight lamp control, Real time on up to 100,000 hours. of course, can we really achieve this time, may have to wait 25 years before you can know.

The Facts About Gps Technology

There are six major things you need to know before you purchase a GPS device. What do most people use a GPS for? The most popular use is to get turn-by-turn directions while driving from point A to point B. Some popular car navigational units are the Magellan Roadmates, the Garmin Nuvi units, and the new Navigon GPS units.

Screen Size

Screen Size and sound are important. Especially while driving. The screen should be readable and bright, be sure the buttons are big enough for your fingers, so that you aren’t pressing multiple buttons at the same time. Vehicles are noisier than you may think. Driving noise can make it difficult to hear faint audio. Be sure to check out the sound quality to make sure you can understand what is being said. It should be clear and loud so that you can hear it in your vehicle.

Maps And memory

Downloadable Maps and memory. Most GPS units come with maps built in. A lot of them can download maps as well. It is a good idea to purchase one that has the ability to download maps, so that you map doesn’t get outdated.

Memory – the more memory the GPS unit has, the more locations, way-points, landmarks, and maps you can save.


The time it takes a GPS to find and display information. This depends on the number of channels a GPS has. The more channels the unit has the better the reception. Take this into consideration. You don’t want to have to pull over and wait for it to get map data if you make a wrong turn.


Does the unit speak street names? This is very helpful. If it does not say the street names and it tells you to turn right. You may have to glance at the unit to check the street name. This can be dangerous.

Power Requirements

What type of batteries are used with the GPS? Are they normal rechargeable AA batteries or are they special manufacturer batteries? Also how long do they last.


Bluetooth is great for those who need to use cell phones while driving, With Bluetooth the driver can make and receive hands-free calls through the unit’s speaker and microphone, and view their telephone book and access caller ID on the screen. What an amazing feature. Of course blue-tooth enabled units are little more expensive.

Advances In Silicon Technology Enables Replacement Of Quartz-based Oscillators


With a market size estimated at more than $650M and more than 1.4B crystal oscillators supplied annually, quartz crystal oscillators have long been the preferred choice for clock generation in consumer, computing, and communication applications. Quartz oscillators are available in a wide
range of frequencies, package sizes, and stabilities. In addition to providing excellent jitter performance, quartz oscillators are available from a broad range of suppliers.

Quartz Resonator Based Oscillators

Crystal oscillators require a unique quartz resonator for each frequency. The crystal oscillator assembly process requires the quartz to be cut, x-rayed, lapped, mounted, and sealed into the
final package . Fabrication of these resonators becomes increasingly difficult at frequencies over 100 MHz because the resonator must be manufactured to very tight tolerances. The complexity of the manufacturing process is subject to poor yield at multiple steps within the
process forcing material restarts and overall production delays.

In addition to lead times, reliability is a chief concern with quartz oscillators. Quartz oscillators are susceptible to contamination which can affect both the center frequency and the ability of the XO to start up reliably. If an oscillator fails in the end application, often the entire system fails because the oscillator provides critical timing for the electronics.

MEMS Resonator Based Oscillators

The industry has long been searching for a technology that enables the replacement of quartz oscillators with a solution that addresses lead time and reliability concerns while providing performance on par with quartz oscillators. Over the last several years, micro-electromechanical
system (MEMS)-based oscillators have emerged as a possible replacement technology for quartz oscillators. MEMS-based oscillators provide an alternative solution to quartz by replacing the
quartz oscillator with a CMOS-based mechanical resonator.

Si500 Silicon Oscillator

Silicon Labs Si500 silicon oscillator leverages a standard IC manufacturing flow. The silicon oscillator is fabricated using standard submicron CMOS technology and standard low-cost
plastic packaging that does not require a hermetic seal. The silicon oscillator is factoryprogrammed at test to a specific frequency, signal format, and supply voltage.

Si500 Technology Overview

The heart of the architecture is a low phase noise, frequency flexible LC oscillator. Using innovative mixed-signal analog circuitry, the oscillator is compensated for frequency variation due to operating temperature range, aging, initial frequency accuracy, supply voltage change, and output load
change. The silicon oscillator supports a wide frequency range, generating any output clock frequency from 0.9 to 200 MHz. Selection of the frequency, output type, supply voltage, and output enable (OE) is stored in non-volatile memory (NVM). At power-on, the Si500 performs a
self-calibration using these stored parameters and configures itself for operation.

Temperature Stability

Temperature stability refers to how much the oscillator frequency varies over the operating temperature range of the device. For the Si500 silicon oscillator, tight temperature stability is achieved through dynamic temperature compensation. The device has an on-board temperature
sensor that, upon detection of a temperature change, dynamically adjusts the frequency of oscillation of the LC oscillator to maintain a stable output frequency.


All oscillators experience drift in the frequency over long periods of time. The effect is called aging and is an important specification in the overall frequency stability budget. Aging behavior is dependent on several aging mechanisms including the design of the resonator, the assembly of the oscillator, the contamination level surrounding the resonator, the design of the electronics, and the operating temperature. To determine an upper bound on aging performance, it is
necessary to control as many of the mechanisms as possible and to verify conformance through extensive aging studies.


Quartz oscillators require hermetic packaging for the crystal. Package leaks or internal contamination can lead to long term frequency aging, or if severe enough, can even prevent oscillation. Consequently, oscillator manufacturers minimize contamination by using costly, hermetically sealed ceramic or metal packaging and special processing. Done properly, reliable operation can be achieved, but package and assembly costs will be considerably higher than with non-quartz CMOS only devices. Being a mechanical device, MEMS resonators are susceptible to the same contamination issues and also require hermeticity.

Shock and Vibration

Shock and vibration can also limit the reliability of quartz-based oscillators. Quartz crystals are mounted above the oscillation electronics using epoxy or metal clips supported on one side only. Attaching the crystal on one side places the crystals center of gravity far away from
the support point allowing the crystal to swing like a diving board when exposed to vibration.

Jitter Performance

Period jitter is a key specification for oscillators since it impacts the setup/hold time, noise margin, or bit-error rate of systems that require alignment between clock and data. Period jitter describes how much any period may deviate from the ideal clock period and is used to determine the setup/hold time margin within a digital system. The amount of margin required depends greatly on the how many timing violations (i.e., bit-errors) a system can handle. In most designs, no timing
violations are allowed over the lifetime of the product, so the amount of margin is quite large. Period jitter is related to phase noise[2] and is often dominated by phase noise at far offset frequencies up to half of the clock frequency.

Programmable Output Buffer

Because the Si500 can generate frequencies across a large range (0.9 to 200 MHz), the output buffer design must provide easy connectivity for the many common receiver formats and voltages used in this range. The Si500 employs a programmable output buffer with support for both
differential and single-ended formats while easing the design effort by incorporating common external components.


With advances in mixed-signal CMOS technologies, silicon oscillators like the Si500 are now competitive with oscillators that use traditional quartz or MEMS resonators. By eliminating the need for these mechanical resonators, the Si500 offers significantly improved reliability when
shock, vibration, and oscillator start up are considered. In addition, the Si500s simplified manufacturing flow reduces cost and enables short predictable lead times when compared to traditional quartz based oscillators.

Bowflex Revolution The Advantages Of Zero Gravity Technology In Your Own Home

For those who have frequented workout gyms, the name ‘Nautilus’ will be a familiar one. Their machines are a common component of most modern gyms, and have been since their introduction in the early ’80s. Bowflex is the home gym component of Nautilus, and the latest entrant into this market is the Bowflex Revolution, a compact and relatively lightweight fitness machine designed as an all-in-one machine for home use.

What makes the Bowflex Revolution unique is the new patented Spiraflex technology, originally designed for use in space, where traditional weight resistance doesn’t work. Most Nautilus machines rely on heavy adjustable weight plates, which are fine for a commercial gym with plenty of space and a dedicated spot for the machine to sit. Home gyms, however, need to be more versatile, since the machines are often moved from place to place, and the mass of weight would be too much for both your back and your floors.

The first idea to get past this limitation was the Power Rod system of earlier Bowflex models. This is a plastic rod of varying thickness that the user would bend through a pulley on the machine to provide resistance. A great idea for home, since the rods are lightweight. However, the machines require a fair bit of space to set up, since the rods, when bending, need room to move.

The new Spiraflex technology moves past even this limitation by introducing a system of plates. Looking very much like standard weight plates, the Bowflex Revolution’s resistance comes from a coiled elastic band inside the plate, which is under constant tension. By pulling on the bands via a line and handgrip, the muscles must exert a force to uncoil the band.

One of the added bonuses of this technology is that the motion is considered linear, and not progressive, as it is with the Power Rods. What this means is that the tension is constant, and the muscles must work equally hard throughout the whole range of motion. Whereas with the Power Rods, the tension is most intense when the rod is completely bent, and gradually eases as the rod straightens. The advantage of this is that negative motion the movement of the muscle back to the original position is considered an excellent part of the workout, one that is often neglected. Many free weight users allow the weights to ‘fall’ on their way back to form, thus letting gravity assist in the movement. With the Spiraflex technology the tension does not ease until the band is completely coiled again.

The other big advantage of Spiraflex technology is that the plates are very light, while still providing an equivalent workout to moving big weights. Free weight enthusiasts will be familiar with the action of loading up weight plates on the bar, which can sometimes be a bit of a workout itself. With Spiraflex your muscles get a chance to rest between exercises, since the weight of the plates is negligible when swapping sizes. Also, the overall weight of the machine is considerably lighter, since you don’t actually have to have an equivalent real weight to provide the same amount of tension. This is great for a home gym where you might need to push the machine out of the way, or perhaps it is set up on a second floor where it wouldn’t be a great idea to have hundreds of pounds of weight putting constant pressure on the floor joists.

The Bowflex Revolution represents the latest step in the ongoing evolution of Nautilus home gyms. Its clever design makes it a versatile unit that will make it easier to realise your fitness goals in your own personalized space.