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Too Much Stimulation With Today’s Technology

Is there anything more annoying than that person standing ni front of you in a grocery store or checkout line babbling away on a cell phone while a kind salesperson is trying to help them? The cell phone person nods and points directions at the clerk while enjoying a riveting conversation over nothing. There is nothing more annoying and we won’t even discuss people who miss green lights because of their nonsensical cell phone ramblings.

Turn off the cell phone and turn off the laptop and any other portable device you may be carrying with you. There is a certain amount of excitement and adventure in being inaccessible. It can be a little bit scary at first, not being on the grid, not being in constant communication with everyone on the outside world, but it is necessary to do once in a while to regain your sanity.

People have become so reliant on today’s new technology that personal communication has dwindled to nothing. How many times are you on vacation and someone has to dart back to the hotel room to check on the laptop to make sure no important messages were received on the e-mail? There’s a reason to take vacation, but now the new term is “working vacation.”

If you can just stay away from the cell phone for a few minutes, take a walk around the mall and you will see how many mindless drones are babbling away on their cell phones or texting their friends who are likely in the same mall at the same time. It gets to look ridiculous. If you invite friends with kids over to your house, place a ban on use of your computer or they will just sit there avoiding family time to message their friends.

Everybody needs some time to themselves and nothing short of an emergency is worth so much that it can’t wait a few hours. If you check your Facebook pages, chances are that 99 percent of the messages are just gibberish being written by people with nothing better to do. Take some time away from technology and enjoy life.

How Modern Technology Affects Our Daily Lives

With the influx of modern technology into our lives, more services are made easier. New gadgets, tools, and modes of transportation make essential human functions like communication and transportation a breeze. Of these developments, none has made as much impact as the Internet. Communication, access to government service, and even business transactions are made possible through its use. And with the rise of internet merchants and online payment processors, the most basic human function of consumerist ethos (a.k.a. shopping) is clicks away.

What are internet merchants and online payment processors? Internet merchants are simply business people who sell their products or services through the internet. Internet merchant sites function as virtual shops wherein online shoppers can browse through pages of products or catalogs. These sites usually feature the prices of each service or product, sales promos, virtual shopping carts, and most importantly, several payment schemes. These payment schemes are modes of online payment processors. Online payment processors are institutions who offer companies or businesses a system to accept and process debit and credit cards minus the hassle of dealing with the different banks or issuers directly. They basically work as a middle-man between the card holder and the `Net merchants. The merchants pass credit card details to the processing website, or the merchant page could jump directly to the processor’s site. The processors then validate the card details and account. After validation, card details are sent back through `Net merchants’ page for confirmation or rejection. If confirmed, the purchase is done and the shopper only needs to wait for the delivery.

Despite the efficiency of internet merchants and online payment processors, the pros and cons still needs to be clarified. Customer convenience, added sales channels, automated authorization, and a streamlined payment system count as the advantages of availing the services of internet merchants and online payment processors. However, there are still risks in using the system. Charge or fees for online purchases are usually higher. Security risks are also issues. Unless you are sure of the security measures provided by the merchant and processing sites, this risk is real. Sensitive information like account information can be hacked into, altered, or stolen.

To avoid or minimize these risks and to fully enjoy the services of internet merchants and online payment processors, vigilance and information is key. Read the fine print on the account and conditions set by the `Net merchants. You may miss other conditions or extra charges if you just read the top half or click the Agree button. It’ll also help to check the integrity or status of the processing site the `Net merchant uses. After all, it’s your money that’s at risk. If you’re finally sure then, click on and enjoy shopping. A reminder though, you may need to exercise serious self-control.

Main Technologies Used In Washing Machines

The popularity of washing machines is backed by the fact that they are of great utility in the hectic lifestyle of the modern society. The affordability of the washing machines is also the major factors that have made them an indispensable part of every household. Most of the people can afford a washing machine now as the prices have come down considerably in the recent times. The rapid advancements in technology have resulted in many qualitative changes in these machines. The latest models are trying to become more customer oriented than anything else.

The different washing machine models vary from one another in terms of capacity and the technologies used. There are many different technologies used in the washing machines. Some among the most popular technologies used in the latest washing machines are mentioned below.

Sixth sense is one among the innovative technologies used in the washing machines. The name of the technology itself defines the nature of the feature. The capabilities of the machine will acquire a whole new dimension with the help of this technology. The technology will induce a common sense into the systems and thus will help in becoming more user-friendly. The built-in sensors will measure the load, spin speed and water temperature and the automatic controls will regulate the various inputs. Another similar technology used in the washing machines is fuzzy logic. This technology will make the machines completely automatic.

In the conventional washing machine models, the users had to decide on the different factors including the load, spin speed, water temperature, quantity of detergent etc. however, the human intervention will result in errors and thus excess materials and energy will be used many a times. The technologies will limit the human interventions and thus the errors will be eliminated. The monitors and sensors will determine the different inputs automatically. This will help in reducing the wastage.

Apart from the energy saving factors, the latest technologies will also help in reducing the usage of materials such as detergents and softeners. Another major feature of the latest washing machine models is the ability to monitor the quality of water used. The hardness of water will be determined as hard water can damage the clothes. The exact time required for washing and drying the clothes will be determined by the sixth sense technology. This will help the users to time themselves properly and indulge in multiple activities.

Some sensors will help in determining the quality of detergents and the perfect water temperature according to the texture of clothes loaded in the machine for washing. Air refresh technology is also among the most popular technologies used in the washing machines. This technology will initiate the induction of fresh air into these machines and heating it. Washing and drying of the clothes will be done with the help of this air and steam. New features are introduced in the washing machine market day by day. The sole aim of all these technologies is to make the washing machines more user-friendly.

The Different Types Of Call Center Technology

Let us face the fact that as much as many people are not familiar with the basic idea of what a call center is, how much more with the call center technology? Several questions are being thrown in most of the call center forums online about the things related to call center and most of those are about the call center technology.

For everybodys information, a certain call center since it catered to customer service, technical operations, and much more, have been sustained by a gamut of telecommunications and computer technologies. The call center technology is comprised of automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), computer telephony integration (CTI), and customer relationship management (CRM). These various types of call center technology are being employed in call centers for a better output.

The call center technology called automatic call distribution or ACD in particular is inline with telephony and it is accordingly a device that delivers incoming calls from the customers to a particular throng of terminals. Furthermore, most of ACDs as part of the call center technology are seldom found in call center companies who tackle so much of incoming phone calls and wherein a particular caller has no peculiar need to keep in touch with a certain person. However, in this kind of a call center technology, a particular caller despite of having no need to talk to a certain person can talk to a random person who has the opportunity to talk to him at a most reasonable time. It is also considered that the task of handling incoming calls is carried by the ACD system. As a call center technology, the ACD system is comprised of hardware for the terminals and phone lines, and software for the routing tactics. The routing tactics in this kind of call center technology is a rule based set of discipline that demands the ACD how calls are taken and mange inside the system.

On the other hand, the second classification of a call center technology which is the interactive voice response or IVR generally functions as a computerized scheme that grants the person, usually a telephone caller, to choose an alternative from a voice menu and otherwise interface with a computer scheme. This scheme of a call center technology is generally catered to pre-recorded voice prompts to which the person chooses a number on a telephone keypad to choose the alternative selected or just speaks as simple as yes, no, or answers that the voice prompts needed.

The third kind of a call center technology which is the computer telephony integration or CTI is a call center technology that grants the interactions on a telephone and a computer to be intact and unified.

The above mentioned types of a call center technology are largely differentiated to the early innovation in the field of call center technology which is the existence of the customer relationship management or CRM. Such kind of a call center technology is enables different organizations to better provide good service to its customers by the use of reliable processes and steps for dealing with customers. It is considered that the best CRM strategy is typically supplied through a package devised to provide support for those processes.
Nowadays, certain ways to further advance a call center technology is being processed and most of it has been heavily employed in call centers. It is interesting to note that a latest call center technology with the use of the internet will allow the virtual call centers to be based across a companys telecommunications network without placing the call center people in one office.

The Best Ways To Market Technology

Less than 20 years ago the majority of consumers did not negotiate cell phone plan rates, check to verify if their new software came with free updates, or even use Google to look up a local diner. But in the past ten years it has become difficult to imagine a life without these modern conveniences. It is fair to say that peoples reliance on these technologies is a clever combination of good products, competitive pricing, and a great deal of ingenious marketing.

While now the selling points of a cellular phone may be obvious, during the first inception of this product cell phone companies had to do a great deal of marketing. In 2010 as even deeper technology comes to the forefront, it may seem difficult to market things such as search engine marketing, biometric technology, voice command products, or even contactless keyboards. What I will illustrate in this article are simple, familiar ways to market new forms of technology to the masses.

Search Engine Marketing Web Advertisements
The yellow pages, billboards, telemarketing, and printed collateral were once the main staples of marketing a new project. Now, websites and search engine marketing play a major role in getting users face-to-face with your product. Consumers use search engines instinctively to learn more about a product before even contacting the provider.

Google, what some refer to as the worlds most popular search engine, has garnered millions of dollars in advertising funds for just a well-placed advertisement that consists of just a few key words.

Why do people continuously buy ads using Google AdWords? Because they created a market where users consistently rely on Google for information. Using this leverage, Google uses a simple right-hand column and a small piece of their main column to provide online ad space.

How did search engines like Google get millions of people to invest in online ad space?

Slow Inception
Do we remember search engines without ad space? Slowly but surely search engines began to slowly introduce small, simple changes that didnt drastically interfere with how the user would ordinarily interact with the product. When marketing your technology you can slowly introduce the new option to make consumers used to seeing/experiencing the product before a formal introduction.

Free and Paid Components
While your pricing structure may seem very sound, and you need certain funds to cover business expenses, offering something for nothing is often a good way to get people to trust you and rely on your free services. Once people get a feel for your company through free content, demos, etc. they will come to associate your company as a company that cares and as not just about its bottom line. When you slowly incorporate your paid components people may be more willing to respond. For instance, using a search engine is free, but there is a fee to advertise or use special components.

Biometric Technology

One of the main players in the biometric technology market is M2SYS Technology, an award-winning biometric firm that offers fingerprint, palm vein, finger vein, and iris recognition technology. While some may associate fingerprints with government operations, M2SYS has found a way to infiltrate the market and be on the forefront of making things such as finger vein recognition a part of many seemingly unrelated industries such as law enforcement, church management, point-of-sale (POS) systems, membership administration, and workforce management.

How did they do this? M2SYS used a hybrid combination of standard market techniques, search engine optimization, and social media to achieve their success.

Email Marketing

M2SYS utilizes a unique combination of email correspondence to open the communication lines between company and client. Rather sending a standard, three column newsletter, M2SYS creates dynamic content that encourages users to both read and interact, resulting in a unique user experience.

M2SYS uses a web-based email solution to send emails about special promotions, press releases, latest updates, free seminars, test products, tidbits on the M2SYS staff, simple greetings, and more to remain a transparent company that cares about interactivity with its clients.

Direct Mail Campaigns

While some businesses may incorrectly rely solely digital communication in todays time, some fail to see that a well orchestrated direct mail campaign may be exactly what it takes to get their technology into their desired market. M2SYS sends mailers to demographics that may not respond as well to email marketing. Vertical markets such as churches and non-profit organization receive dynamic mailers from M2SYS that prompt the recipient to contact the company.

Social Media Management

Perhaps one of the areas where M2SYS is most active is social media management. M2SYS uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, WordPress, Delicious, and more to stay in contact with their users on a personal level.

Following M2SYS on social networks gives clients an all-access pass to what is going on behind the scenes here M2SYS. Fans and followers gain insider knowledge regarding their latest announcements, new software releases, newest biometric devices, special promotions and discounts, fan page only marketing materials, videos, and much more.

Austin Technology Incubator Recognized Manoj Saxena, General Manager, Ibm, With The Prestigious

Austin, TX, January 31, 2014 – Last night, at a joint graduation and 25th anniversary celebration, the Austin Technology Incubator (ATI), part of the IC2 Institute at The University of Texas at Austin, recognized Manoj Saxena with the Laura J. Kilcrease Civic Entrepreneurship Award. As those gathered celebrated ATI’s 25th anniversary and the Incubator’s newest 25 graduates, Saxena was recognized for his many business and civic contributions to Austin. Saxena joins an esteemed cohort of past Kilcrease award winners, including Pike Powers, Lee Walker, William (Bill) G. Bock, Neal Kocurek, Luci Baines Johnson, Michael Dell and, most recently, Gary Farmer.

Manoj Saxena, a veteran entrepreneur, has founded, scaled and sold two successful venture-backed software companies: Exterprise, acquired by Commerce One in 2001, and Webify, acquired by IBM in 2006. Both were ATI portfolio companies. Since joining IBM as the General Manager, Watson Solutions, IBM Software Group, Saxena has remained a valuable part of the ATI network as a mentor and advisor, continuing to devote his time and energy to help the next generation of Austin-based technology companies.

At IBM, Saxena has directed the operational and strategic initiatives to commercialize industry solutions based on the IBM’s transformative Watson technology. Saxena holds two U.S. software patents and has received numerous business awards including Entrepreneur of the Year, IT Technologist of the Year, and the Distinguished Alumni Award from Michigan State University from where he received his MBA in 1991.

Despite his busy schedule, Saxena still finds time for community service and philanthropy, serving as board member or advisor to numerous organizations, including The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Austin Technology Council, Global Giving, Communities in Schools, St Edwards University Business School and Michigan State University’s Center for Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Finance.

Saxena has invested some of the proceeds of his earlier business successes to build the Saxena Family Foundation, which is committed to improving the quality of life of women, children and senior citizens. Founded in 2002, the Foundation focuses on initiatives that promote U.S. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and the empowerment of young women.

“Manoj is one of our early corporate spin outs from 3M and a favorite ATI success story, for sure,” said Laura Kilcrease, ATI’s first director and Managing Director at Triton Ventures. “He prevailed in starting successful technology companies twice, stayed with IBM after an acquisition sharing his immense intellect there. But it is the time he finds to give back, especially though his own Family Foundation, that I find most inspiring. I am so proud he is one of the Civic Entrepreneurship Award winners.”

First awarded in 1998, the Kilcrease Award is given to business leaders in recognition of their contributions to the Austin community. Past winners have included Austin area influencers such as Pike Powers, Lee Walker, Michael Dell, Dr. Neal Kocurek, William G. Bock, Luci Baines Johnson and, most recently, Gary Farmer. The award is named for Laura J. Kilcrease, founding director of the Austin Technology Incubator and current Managing Director at Triton Ventures, who has dedicated her career to advancing Austin’s tech economy.

The 25th anniversary event included the graduation of 25 ATI portfolio companies and was held last night, Wednesday, January 29. ATI deeply appreciates the following companies whose sponsorship helped make this event possible: AT&T, HPI, IBM, Norton Rose Fulbright and Pike Powers Lab.

The Advantages Of Switching To Solar Panel Technology

Being the price of typical solutions of electric power keeps rising, solar energy is now more than at any time the best unpolluted plus viable source of power to your residence and for businesses and organizations. Billions of money were definitely put in the United States in the last few decades in promoting as well as enhancing this amazing technological innovation.

Here are a few great things about solar technology.

Roughly the fee for the gear to actually power a home with solar technology is actually 90% less costly as compared with it was in the 1970’s. Practically power monthly dues climbing dramatically it has become an ever more fascinating electrical source.

Almost always, working with solar energy to provide power for the residence includes the installation of special solar energy pv cells through the roof structure in your home. It’s correct that the first expense is actually costly, but this particular dollars will be recouped in benefits in electricity bills in time to come and therefore sizeable benefits can be produced eventually.

Around warm locations power from the sun can easily meet and perhaps go above and beyond an average property electric power wants at particular intervals for the day. Too much energy may perhaps be saved in batteries or perhaps in selected spots it would likely even be purchased back to electrical energy supply corporations.

Predominant Advantages Of Solar Energy:

Not Expensive – Whenever you execute the particular starting purchase to acquire solar energy technology placed in your property this is the absolutely free resource for renewable energy. Once it has paid itself off you can make remarkable financial savings on top of your electric power charges. You might also qualify for government benefits to support cover up the expenses. In addition, it’ll contribute extensively for the property value of your own home. Renewable real estate turned out to be more popular then ever in the current eco-friendly sensitive weather and this funding increase your own residence’s true worth and also make it easier to promote should you ever get going.

Unpolluted – Solar is just about the most pristine and good for the environment options of electricity out there. You might want to help to prevent climate change solar technology is a solution to use.

Straightforward – Solar panel technology platforms necessitate very small repairs and maintenance. The moment the system is configured you have frequent source of green energy therefore you won’t have to bother about putting additional fuel, paying bills as well as various other chores related to typical resources of electrical power.

Quality – By using solar panel technology you don’t have to worry about electric power setbacks. Even when your conventional electric source fails, you still have a very back-up. In addition to that, if you are living in a distant place without easy accessibility to centralized supplies of electrical energy solar energy is an excellent choice.

Sleek – Even when you are now living in a heavily populated region, setting up solar power systems should be no burden. Since they position readily on the roof of your house there is no need for them to fill up expensive yard area. Additionally, while the solar cells themselves are costly, they may be very simple and fast to install.

Wiring Free – There are a variety of standalone solar powered gadgets currently available which usually get rid of the need for wiring. One example is, you can set up solar powered yard lamps which you simply put in place your backyard running through the electric power of the sun. A lot of these get light detectors to ensure that they switch off and on easily dependent upon the light source.

The employment of solar cells in the home is usually quite pricey. On the other hand, it’s not at all the only method to implement the energy from the sunlight. With regard to less warm regions, households happen to be significantly being built to make the foremost use of the energy within the sun to offer warmness. This implies practical design and style of residences utilizing strategies similar to having large glass windows within the southerly side of the house that will help warming the home in the course of the cold months. Your home must be shielded from an excessive amount sunlight during the warm months and so trees can be employed for this purpose.

Another choice is to use sunshine to make domestic hot water within the home. This technique purely involves using thinner water conduits, painted black, and running them all by having a green house like container that may be open to sunshine on the out in the open of the home. On hotter regions this can easily present hot flowing water throughout the property free of charge.

Solar energy isn’t actually for anyone. Your location will settle if or otherwise not it’s the right choice for you. When solar panel systems don’t seem to be workable for your requirements, or you are uncertain if you’re prepared to dive right in, you ought to consider choosing solar powered gizmos whenever practical. You will discover there are a variety of solar powered home appliances currently available including video cameras, wristwatches, stereos, fountains plus much more. These all clear away the requirement of batteries and also electrical circuitry.