Wireless Technology Takes to the Skies

Since 2006 airlines have been working on ways to allow internet connections to passengers above the clouds. Boeing abandoned its efforts, but American Airlines, Delta and Lufthansa persevered with the result that both companies will soon be able to offer Wi-Fi services to their customers. American Airlines has already announced that it will be the first carrier to offer the service on domestic flights.

According to Iain Thomson from vnunet.com, American Airlines will use Aircell’s Gogo network of 92 towers across the US. Delta will also use the Aircell service, but it won’t be available in any of their flights for a few more months. American Airlines will implement the Wi-Fi service in its Boeing 767-200 aircraft on non-stop flights between New York and San Francisco, New York and LA and New York and Miami, while Delta will offer the service on all 330 of its aircraft used for domestic flights. Both carriers will charge a flat rate of $12.95 (£6.80) for flights that are longer than three hours and Delta will charge $9.95 (£5.41) for flights that

Technology, Time Management and ADHD

What concerns me is what technology may be doing to our brain. Read Gary Small’s book, iBrain, and you will have to agree that our brain is indeed evolving. Two brains that start off the same at birth can be drastically different at two years of age if one has been deprived of play, talk, touch, love, proper food and so on. That’s been known for a long time. What is more surprising is that the adult brain remains malleable – “neuroplasticity” is the term used – as we grow older, and it continues to rewire itself throughout life. That’s good news for old folks like me because it means you can become smarter the older you get. We used to think intelligence was 80% genetic and 20% environmental, but it’s actually the opposite.

The bad news is that chronic Internet users and high-tech users tend to have poorer social skills and less ability to focus, and take on traits normally found in people with ADHD.

Excessive TV, video games and other digital media has been shown

Application of Information Technology in Our Daily Life

It is a recognized fact that the application of Information Technology (IT) in our daily life has changed dramatically over the past couple of years. Information technology is used in every sphere of life like education, communication, business, commerce, treatment and banking etc. Businesses are investing heavily into new technological trends as well as offering businesses the chance to operate more effectively through the application of information technology.

Let’s look at the example of communication as it has definitely changed the way of our daily life. Many years ago we used to communicate via writing but now we communicate by using information network like telephone, mobile phone, internet etc. The application IT has changed considerably as we can now communicate via text message, email and communicating via instant messaging on MSN messenger, Facebook and even in the form of Tweets on Twitter. So, it has significantly changed the world’s communication over time.

IT has changed tremendously over the years especially in the computing field. Nowadays, more or less every household has an iPod or computer or some Apple related product. We know have cloud computing, as well as Virtual servers. Long have the days of needing

Terrasoles Shoes- An Extraordinary Creativity Of Technology

Terrasoles shoes are best known for their environmental friendliness. All the Terrasoles shoes and packaging material use recycled materials and a portion of the profits incurred from the sales are also donated to green causes. The Terrasole has applied hybrid thinking to yield a new type of lifestyle footwear which redefines the casual after sport shoe. This brand uses technology to create lightweight, flexible styles with unique support and shock attenuating features. From a casual trip to town to a cozy night around the lodge/tent to the drive home from a great day of adventure to running errands, whatever is your mode of work, the Terrasole shores promises you comfort and durability in all matter.

Qualities of Terrasole Shoes

All Terrasole shoes are light weighted, and supportive yet flexible, all of which are essentials for the best quality footwear. It has got high quality recycled micro fiber fleece. Whether you wear it indoor or outdoor, the Terrasole shoes are always warm and comfortable depending upon the climatic condition in which you are wearing it. It is completely water proof. And with versatile and attractive designs, it becomes the first choice of all. The Terrasoles shoes are

Information Technology Management Consulting Services

The information technology management consulting services provide complete range of IT solutions, which includes advices and guidelines in computer system evaluation, contract negotiation with the vendors, system implementation and information technology system planning. The information technology consulting service provides all kind of technological management consulting and supports. The scheduled maintenance of system and network, provided by the information technology management consulting services, will reduce the exposure to the common IT problems that arises due to negligence or the security issues innate from using the Internet.

The major services that are provided by the information technology management consulting services are assessment of information technology, tactical IT planning, system implementation assistance, IT general control reviews, IT audit, disaster recovery planning, computer system selection assistance, IT management and operation review and many more. Log on to www.sachsconsulting.com to get the more information on information technology management consulting services and business technology consulting.

There are many advantages of information technology management consulting services. For the support of your IT network, it provides technology management consultant who does a regular on-site visits. The information technology consultant services facilitates client support center for the remote support that assist you on the phone

Marine Information Technology services in shipping industry

In current shipping industries, it is very difficult to manage and organize marine information technology services. OceanManager aims to take care of all your storing and servicing needs. Our team of professionals follows flexible and dynamic approach to provide a full range of marine solutions. We rapidly finding and analyzing accurate information to ensure clients with fully managed, engineered solution from project inception to completion.

OceanManager list out various end to end marine IT services

Enterprise Marine Application Development: For marine organizations, it is very important to implement software IT solutions for their vital operations. OceanManager Inc. Enterprise Application Development Services assists marine organizations in their businesses transformations and offers strategic vision to reduce cost which in turn increase return on investment and productivity. For business transformation, our enterprise software solution includes skilled resources and best-in-class technology. Our professional’s offers unique and innovative application development services with the focus on delivering customer-centric, scalable and cost-effective enterprise solutions.

Implementation and IT Consulting Marine Projects: In today’s competitive business environment, OceanManager Inc. offers marine IT consultancy services that support your strategic business objective. We align right set of practices to complement your business needs. In any project

An Introduction To Blue Ray Technology

Blue Ray technology refers to the latest era of technology that is causing ripples in the DVD world. This of course does mean that rather than get left behind it is certainly is necessary to find out more about what this new technology is all about so that you can also sample it ahead of others that are still in the dark about this new technology. The first thing that can be said about Blue Ray technology is that it is certainly a boon that will certainly pave the way for better and more efficient data storage in the years to come.

Blue Colored Lasers

Blue Ray technology is the culmination of many years of research and the reason why the term ‘Blue Ray’ is used is because in order to read as well as store data use is made of lasers that are blue in color which is different to the more normal red color lasers that are presently being used in DVDs.

Another notable advantage that Blue Ray technology offers the customer is that it provides higher definition audio and video storage and this means that thanks to this technology it is possible

Learn Sound Technology Online

The majority of people are not aware of how much sound has permeated every aspect of daily life. Every sound from music, television, and radio has to be created and edited prior to being heard. Online degree programs are available to provide the knowledge that makes up these skills to students who choose to learn sound technology online.

Sound technology engages the recording and controlling of sound waves.

  • These waves include spoken words, music effects, and sound effects.
  • The sound waves that make up these three broad categories can be applied to numerous avenues.
  • Programs provide students with the skills needed to manipulate sound through courses in science, technology, and art. This combination of topics helps students learn so they are equipped and ready to use the industries technology.
  • Online learning teaches students to pay close attention to the details of the sounds they are working with.
    Knowledge is gained through different degree and diploma programs online.

Degree programs in sound technology can be earned at the associates degree and bachelors degree level. Students interested in graduate education can find some schools that offer masters degree programs. Gaining as associates degree has

The Potential Application Of Hho Technology Into Diesel Generators

It’s no secret that HHO or what is commonly known as Brown’s Gas has been used in combustible diesel and petrol engines in vehicle’s such as cars, MPVs, trucks, trailers, crane and excavators. But many are not aware of the potential use of HHO in diesel generators. From the definition of Diesel Generators in Wikipedia, “A diesel generator is the combination of a diesel engine with an electrical generator (often called an alternator) to generate electrical energy. Diesel generating sets are used in places without connection to the power grid or as emergency power-supply if the grid fails. Small portable diesel generators range from about 1kVA to 10kVA may be used as power supplies on construction sites, or as auxiliary power for vehicles such as mobile homes.”


But we are currently talking about larger diesel generators 100 KVA and above which are normally used to power buildings, such as rest stop areas beside highway roads, telecommunication towers, cement lifting cranes at construction sites, etc. Most of these types of Diesel Generators operate daily between 12 hours to 24 hours, which the users themselves spend thousands to tens of